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At United Brothers L.L.C, we believe that one of the most important things in our industry is to be able to offer clients support they require while utilizing Military vehicles or Military equipment all over the world. We have an experienced team of providing trainings on Military Equipment such as Radars, Anti Aircraft Radar System, Radio Electronic advance systems & Mining detectors etc. We believe that it’s our duty to educate our client on the proper usage of their equipment to use them to their full potential and maximize the added value. If it’s required, our highly trained specialists can hold customized training sessions.

United Brothers L.L.C is a global provider of advanced radar systems such as Anti Aircraft Radar System & Radio Electronic System serving both military and civilian markets. Through significant investments and devotion to research and development, United Brothers L.L.C has evolved into a forward-looking technology company providing turnkey radar solutions & Radio Electronic Solutions to customers throughout the world.

“United Brothers L.L.C facilitates the global delivery of military vehicle's spare parts & equipment to all major seaports and airports.”

Globally Delivery of Spare Parts & Equipement

Spare Parts

Here at United Brothers L.L.C, we carry a wide array of spare parts for Military Vehicles. We fully understand the urgency behind most replacement Military vehicle parts requests and promise to deliver your parts in an expedient and efficient manner.

United Brothers L.L.C, together with the technology emphasis in its vision, has targeted to be a company that maintains its sustainable growth by creating value in the global market; preferred due to its competitiveness, trusted as a strategic partner, and caring for the environment and people.

Expert & Trained Team

- Car windshields
- Body panels
- Tires
- Body Mechanical & Trim
- Brakes
- Cooling System
- Engine Electrical
- Engine Mechanical
- Exhaust
- Interior Parts
- Steering
- Suspension
- Transmission and many more….